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How to Get your Fruit & Veg Corona-Free

Good news- you cannot directly acquire the virus through food. Slightly-less good news- you are still at risk if you touch your nose, mouth or eyes after touching a surface that had the live virus on it. But, nevertheless, here’s how you stay extra safe with your greens:

Salad greens– soak your lettuce or spinach in water and let it sit for about a minute or two. Repeat these steps or pick out stubborn pieces of shingle yourself, if needed.

Underground-grown vegetables– with your rooty vegetables, get handy and scrub off any dirt you can get your eyes on. Here’s a tip, use a clean brush or sponge to fasten the process.

Mushrooms– it’s recommended not to let your mushrooms come in contact with water, seeing as they will soak up a lot, too much, of the liquid. But, in our case, a bit of rinsing won’t hurt.

Firm fruit & veg– don’t be afraid to roughly rub them in your hands against a strong current of water and don’t be afraid to dry them off with a kitchen towel, instead of letting them sit.

Fragile fruit & veg– try applying little pressure and rinsing them in a light water current of running water as to not damage them; air-drying would be the best option.

Lastly, try to not wash the food that you will end up not using and putting back in the fridge for later. Eat your fruit and vegetables as soon as possible after coating them in water to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Stay safe and healthy!

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