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Cleaning your Car or Bike During the Coronavirus

So far, there haven’t been any confirmed cases of the virus spreading through any tangible goods. This is because the virus’s chances of surviving and spreading on any surface are non-existent; because it is impossible. However, surfaces carry germs, germs carry infections, infections weaken your immune system and if you aren’t healthy, you are more susceptible to getting any virus- Corona or not.

Man in a garage. Worker washing a car. Guy spray a soap

Here is What you Should do:

First thing you must do is regularly clean the surfaces that you touch most often. That includes your gear lever, your hand brake, your air ventilation, your controls for the radio and especially, especially, your door handles and your steering wheel. Make sure you clean all of these surfaces and make sure you do it often with alcohol-based wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

That goes for everybody who has stored-up on wipes and hand sanitizers, but what about the people who haven’t?

Soap and a sponge will have to do.

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